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Sold his startup to OLX and now wants to simplify web access3

Ignacio Detmer's new venture.

Ignacio Detmer and Guillermo Acuña stepped aside from their companies to set up a platform that lowers the barriers to buying tokenised assets. They have already received US$ 1.1 million (among their investors is Cristóbal Piñera's VC fund) and this week they launched the project: they will land in Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru and in the next 18 months they will reach 10 countries in the region. All this, in the midst of a wave of uncertainty that is shaking the digital assets sector.

"At that stage the highs were very high and the lows were very low. And that generated a kind of adrenaline rush," Detmer says. "The desire I had to start again from scratch, with all the lessons learned from the previous trip, with all the network of contacts, with the knowledge gained from the good and bad moments, was very great".

Ignacio Detmer and Guillermo Acuña fingers crossed that the third time is the charm.

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